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If you’re looking for the premier wedding planner, who can make YOUR event one remember, Bisli Vazquez is the expert you need to call. With a background in fashion, marketing, and management. Bisli has worked on many top level events, including WETV platinum weddings, MTV3, Top Chef Texas, just to name a few.

One bride wrote this about her experience with Bisli:

“And Bisli was nurturing, caring, responsive, flexible…every possible positive word one can think of. She didn’t treat us like we were just clients of hers; she treated us like we were family members that she wanted to take care of. I absolutely loved everything, and I am so happy we chose to go with her.”

Another bride, who had special concerns for her grandparents, stated:

Our biggest concern for the evening was that we wanted our grandparents well taken care of since they are so important to us and to my family. They both called us after our wedding to Thank Us for making them feel like Royalty the night of our wedding and it was all due to Pablo (Bisli’s husband and partner) and Bisli.”
Another way that Bisli Event Services lives up to its Mission Statement is reflected in this amazed and happy bride’s statement:
“Not only does she do great work but she is the nicest person. She always makes herself available to the bride for any questions or concerns. She even delivered in person an extra bouquet for my bridal portraits, she is just fabulous!!”

Most of all, Bisli as a Wedding Planner definitely believes in going the extra mile for her clients!

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