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Tips and Trends. Finally is about time that gold takes the center stage. This design as it is such a regal, luxurious color and it looks super elegant when it is used with white, off-white or cream. Noteworthy, if you want your wedding to look truly stylish, royal purple and gold are such a great combination. However, if you want to be different and have a “WOW!” Bisli wedding design, why not to have a very romantic monochromatic color scheme of pink and add gold accents? In addition to make it more sophisticated, the addition of cream will leave your guests talking about your selection of colors as if you were a color expert

 Tips & Trends are here. Gold is one of the favorite accent colors for the weddings. It is going to be hard to eliminate silver entirely. Bisli

How can you achieve this look?

The linens can be cream, off white or white and you can have touches of purple within the napkins with the chair embellishment also incorporating flowers. Gold accents can be the charges plates, the glow of the lit candles, utensils, small details in the ring of the glassware and throughout the tablescape. Whatever color you decide to use for the linen. Please be nice to your Bridesmaid and do not dress them the same color as the tablecloths or you will never be able to find them when sitting at the tables!
Let’s say you decided to go with pink, off white or cream and gold to make it all look very elegant. It’s an excellent idea to have all the flowers in different shades, tones, and tints of pink. Linens should be off white, cream or white. Use gold to display the flowers, candles, charges plates, along with adding hints of it throughout the tables. Napkins can be pink and the chair details. Along with the menu cards, should have touches of these colors to unify the whole look. 
Another elegant choice of color can be blush, creams, and gold or just white, cream and splashes of gold. In conclusion, whatever color palette you choose, just be very cautious the way you use it. Too much of a good thing can end up being rather tasteless. 
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