Floral Wedding Services

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Floral Wedding Services Designer Floral Wedding Services by Bisli. I believe that through flowers, I will be able to express feelings that are sometimes difficult to put into words. My goal is to use all my nature’s living gifts to brighten people’s lives.   Her expertise in floral design which has won her awards and the accolades […]

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SA Wedding Planner

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SA Wedding Planner Wedding Planner! SA Wedding Planner. Can You Afford It? When you want something in life, you must work for it and make it happens. Do not expect somebody to do it for you! For example, let’s talk about the industry I belong to. It looks so miserable when somebody wants to take advantage […]

Wedding Budget Tips

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Wedding Budget Tips   What Comes Before the Dress, and the Call-A-Thon! By: Bisli Vazquez, Luxurious Event Planning and Design Congratulations on your engagement! Now is the time to call all of your girlfriends to go and try on wedding dresses until you drop! Wedding Budget Tips! Well, wait actually, not too fast. The first […]