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Celebrations During The Pandemic

  Celebrations During The Pandemic

 Are you planning to celebrate the holidays in an intimate circle of friends and family? 

Here are some tips on how to be on your best behavior for the upcoming holiday celebrations during a pandemic
We are not experts on pandemics, but taking the right precautions will help you have a more relaxing and enjoyable celebration.
As an expert wedding and event planner, I specialize in delivering safety and great experiences to my clients.

We are approaching several important holidays; in regular times, we celebrate them with hugs, laughs, food, and lots of love. We can still celebrate, but we need to be organized and follow protocol to make sure we enjoy the holidays with no or a minimal chance of exposure.

Here are some tips that you can apply to your plan for the holidays.

  • If you can, try to have the celebrations outdoors
  • If outdoors is not possible, get a high-quality air purifier with a HEPA Type filter to clean the air indoors
  • Please, open your windows to keep air circulating
  • Send your guests a goodie bag with two pairs of gloves
  • Two face masks, a
  • Small spray bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A mini box of tissue paper
  • A card to thank and welcome them to the celebrations
  • A note indicating what to do with the items in the goodie bag

Get your house ready for your guests to have a fantastic experience during the event.
Remember that these celebrations will be different from those before 2020. Get equipped with everything you need to keep everybody safe, such as your antivirus disinfectant, hand soap and sanitizer, paper towels instead of regular towels, disposable gloves, facemasks, and tissue paper boxes. Place them strategically throughout the house, especially in the high-traffic areas, such as restrooms.

Celebrations During The Pandemic

Let’s talk about seating arrangements

You may need to increase the number of tables, & linens. Make sure to clean and disinfect all rental items


before using them It is essential to keep in mind how to set up the tables for social distance; I prefer the square or rectangular tables. Suppose you are inclined to use rectangular tables. In that case, you will need to put two tables together side by side, lengthwise, so the guests can keep the appropriate social distance. You can seat four people at the table with this setting if they do not live in the same household or a family of ten or twelve if they share the same house.

Buffet Stations?

Buffet stations are a no-go because your guests will be handling the food themselves. Your best choice is a sit-down dinner. Beverages must have designated servers. I recommend having as many disposable items as possible, so you do not have to deal with the cleaning later if you do not have a caterer. If you can afford to have a knowledgeable caterer to handle this part of the celebration, it will be a blessing for you and your guests.

Now you are ready to celebrate and enjoy your loved one. Please check with your local authorities for the number of guests you can safely invite to enjoy your celebration and have peace of mind.

Happy Holidays!

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