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Contact Bisli. Every once in a while we come across a person who is so unique that they stand out in this world. Bisli is such a woman. She is the founder and driving force behind Bisli Event Services in San Antonio, Texas. “Okay”, you might be thinking, so what exactly makes her any different from the thousands of event designers in America, let alone the world? Well, seeing is believing.  Meet Bisli Vazquez.


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About Bisli

To understand Bisli, the entrepreneur, floral and event designer, wedding planner and celebrity speaker. First of all, you need to understand Bisli, the woman.

Also, in life, we don’t realize how the varied events of our life are preparing us in our path to success. That was very true of the eclectic lifestyle lived by the young Bisli.


She was born in Panama and became a professional model at age 16. Consequently, that’s when her life preparation began. As a model, she made TV commercials and modeled in Fashion shows. At the Prada Institute, she studied theater, etiquette, and protocol. By 23, Bisli became a Miss World finalist in Panama and won the title of Miss Congeniality. All of this education was giving her the necessary foundational experience and skills. She has become, as is said in the industry, a designer’s designer.  Which means that other designers now learn from her.

Finally, Bisli’s Greatest Asset.

As uniquely talented in so many ways as Bisli is, one of her character traits stands out above all else. Bisli knows how to listen to her heart. She listens to her clients’ fantasies and dreams. And then she has the unique ability to turn the abstract into concrete reality. If there is one talent that makes her truly a great designer, it is the talent of listening.

One of her clients stated it so well:

“I sought out Bisli, based on her reputation, but what I encountered with her ability to listen to what I wanted, her professional advice, creative freedom, and overall caring, was much more than I could have imagined.”

Another client put the icing on the cake when she added:

Bisli is amazing and transformed my venue to “Academy Awards Night.” She took my vision and made it a reality. She is talented, accommodating and very professional.”

And that, people, is this extraordinary woman and designer, Bisli Vazquez.

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