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Design Development

Bisli’s Design Development. If you’re looking for the premier event service concierge. Who can make YOUR event one to remember. Bisli Vazquez is expert you need to call. With a background in fashion, marketing, and management. Bisli has worked on many top level events. Including WETV,  MTV3, Top Chef Texas, and CNN. Just to name a few. Her expertise is second to none. Bisli

Schematic Design Phase

Where to begin your design project

First, let’s keep it simple my design development. You just want to frame the bride and groom.  Take into consideration the good and the bad. By framing them, they will lose some visual contact with their guests, so work on how to minimize their visual range.  Framing them will ensure that their guests approach them from the front.  That creates a great photo opportunity for themselves and their friends and family. The frames to use are Plexiglas, wood and metal decoration stands.

    This job was outsourced to my dear friend La Maga Lupe in Las Vegas Nevada

When shipping cost you more the smart decision is to hire a local expert so you don’t only save money but time, have a peace of mind and you prop is in perfect condition. Sketch your design including measurement so you get what you need.

Begin to put it all together

The timeline for this project, sketch, the budget, color schemes, paint, wood, clamps, space, linen samples, flowers, lighting, silverware, Plexiglas, crystals, and candlelight holders.

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Design Development





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