Balloons & Flowers Workshop


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Balloon & Flowers Workshop

You will learn:

  • Selecting the right frame for safety
  • Save time using the right equipment
  • Blow balloons with a digital inflator
  • How to choose the right size balloon for ea. sculpture
  • Make the right size cluster
  • Make sculptures
  • Add flowers, greenery or crystals to it
  • Pricing the sculptures and your labor
  • You will learn to make, a butterfly, palm trees, walkthrough stars, and a gazebo sculpture


October 19, 2019, from 8:00 am. to 8:00 pm.


4751 center park blvd San Antonio, Texas 78218

How much?

$495 early registration from August 7 through August 20 & $800 starting September 1, until October 19, 2019

About the designer:

Bisli started her business 25 years ago inspired by a balloon centerpiece. This centerpiece, made from a stuffed bear inside the balloon, was a gift that a guest gave to her for her last baby shower. For Bisli, it was simply magical and afterward, she asked her husband, Pablo, to order the equipment to make the magical design. Her first experience with this machine was for St. Valentine’s day where she made $20,000 in just one day.

After this experience and learning the art of balloon sculpture, she quit her job as a marketing manager and started her own business as a professional balloon designer. Years later, she studied floral design in the School of Floral Design in Atlanta 24 years ago and ever since then she has become a well-recognized event and floral designer. Bisli’s knowledge and passion for her business have taken her to work with clients from all over the income spectrum and she has also presented her work at multiple conferences. Along with that, she has her floral design course, presented in English and Spanish, and is working on many other projects. Bisli is proud to be in the business of making people happy with her design style and her excellent customer service.

Bisli Event Services Floral

Floral Wedding Services

Floral Wedding Services

Floral Wedding Services


Floral Wedding Services by Bisli. I believe that through flowers, I will be able to express feelings that are sometimes difficult to put into words. My goal is to use all my nature’s living gifts to brighten people’s lives.

Bisli Event Services Floral
Bisli Event Services Floral






Her expertise in floral design has won her awards and the accolades of her peers. As the owner and creative designer of San Antonio, Texas-based event planning and event design company, Bisli Event Services, In addition, Bisli draws on her background in fashion, theater, marketing, and management as well as an unerring talent for creating distinctive and exquisitely beautiful floral designs. Certainly,  to make special events and once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as social events, corporate events, destination weddings, and honeymoons truly memorable.

Bisli Event Services Floral
Bisli Event Services Floral










Her event design talents have been the subject of television shows around the world for conferences, seminars, and other events at which she brings her wealth of design expertise to her audience. Bisli drew some four hundred attendees and received high praise from the international event industry during her Amazing Centerpieces presentation in Las Vegas Mirage Hotel Theater, and at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas. Today, her talents are sought-after not only for top-tier weddings but for any event in which a smooth flow and a perfect design are of paramount importance, including high profile conferences and seminars.

From Mayesh Blog

by Sabrina

When it comes to bling and WOW Bisli Vazquez knows what brides want. Bisli and her team presented the attendees with some great or as she would say “Amazing” bouquet ideas at this year’s Catersource Event Solutions and Idea Factory show in Las Vegas. It is hard to outshine the lights outside, but Bisli managed to do just that.

I don’t know what I loved more. Her cute Texas glam boots or the fact that she shows just how a bride should strut with this unique Phalaenopsis bouquet. It is a fresh take on a cascade. She used a plexiglass tube (which she blinged out of course) to hold the oasis and the orchids. Easy technique-wise but what a statement.

This purse was finished on stage by a fellow attendee. They are freeze-dried rose petals glued to a clutch. I thought this would be such a cute keepsake for bridesmaids.

Does this bouquet remind you of anyone? If you said Marie Antoinette you would be 100% right! Inspired by the young royal hair of the iconic Marie Antoinette this bouquet is made up of light pink Rice-flower, Sweet Peas, Sweet Akito Roses, and Pink Anthurium. This is a bouquet that can go right from the aisle to a table.

For that bride where the white dress is just not enough of an attention grabber, Bisli designed a long multi-strand bouquet featuring beads and wire as well as bright orange Cymbidiums.

Bisli Event Services Floral

Bisli gave some great advice for all you wedding designers and consultants.

  1. Selling is all about the details. Small things make the big picture.
  2. Build a report with your client. It may not always be possible to love your client but your client should love you.
  3. Always listen 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the time. You never want to miss a small detail that could be THE detail that makes the wedding.

Thank you, Bisli for a great session and “Werk it, Gurl!”

(I just love the way she makes flowers seem sassy)

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