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Wedding Planning Services

Wedding Planning Services with experience. Most of all, Bisli specializes in exquisite, floral design/event design and planning.  Because every event is truly distinctive and unique, so is the pricing.  Therefore we offer complete event planning and coordinating services as Bisli. From intimate social events to a more elaborate gathering.  We will help ensure a smooth flowing event so you, your families, and friends can relax and enjoy your special day. Stop in and check our studio showroom.  Especially relevant, for your convenience by appointment only.  Celebrate with Style!


Since you’re looking for a premier wedding planner, who can make YOUR event one remember.  Most noteworthy, Bisli Vazquez, SA Wedding Planner is the expert you need to call. With a background in fashion, marketing, and management.  Also as a Wedding Planner, she has worked on many top-level events.  Including WETV platinum weddings, MTV3, Top Chef Texas, just to name a few. Therefore, her expertise is second to none.  Finally, the know-how she can bring to YOUR event will make the difference. Contact her today.


Testimonials on wedding planning services

One bride wrote this about her experience with Bisli:

Wedding Planning Service3s

“And Bisli was nurturing, caring, responsive, flexible…every possible positive word one can think of. She didn’t treat us like we were just clients of hers; she treated us like we were family members that she wanted to take care of. I absolutely loved everything, and I am so happy we chose to go with her.”


Another bride, who had special concerns for her grandparents, stated:

Our biggest concern for the evening was that we wanted our grandparents well taken care of since they are so important to us and to my family. They both called us after our wedding to Thank Us for making them feel like Royalty the night of our wedding and it was all due to Pablo (Bisli’s husband and partner) and Bisli.”

Another way that Bisli Event Services lives up to its Mission Statement is reflected in this amazed and happy bride’s statement:

“Not only does she do great work but she is the nicest person. She always makes herself available to the bride for any questions or concerns. She even delivered in person an extra bouquet for my bridal portraits, she is just fabulous!!”

Most of all, Bisli definitely believes in going the extra mile for her clients!

About wedding planning services reviews

Bisli Services
Wedding Planning Services / Decorations

Without honest reviews, our business does not last for long. And consumers will be stuck with ordinary services if research not done properly. Just because 10 people rave that X wedding planner is good for their wedding does not necessarily mean it is good for your wedding. Similarly, if 5 people out of 600 complain about a particular wedding vendor, that doesn’t mean the vendor is necessarily bad. Be patient, be skeptical, and be slow to form an opinion. Therefore, thank you for your friendship, your business, and the opportunity to serve you. Prior to any commitment, Bisli’s credibility and experience offer you a Free Consultation to complement the service that you deserve.

Bisli Lives Up to Its Mission and Reputation

More reviews at the WeddingWire and FB

Celebrations During The Pandemic

  Celebrations During The Pandemic

 Are you planning to celebrate the holidays in an intimate circle of friends and family? 

Here are some tips on how to be on your best behavior for the upcoming holiday celebrations during a pandemic
We are not experts on pandemics, but taking the right precautions will help you have a more relaxing and enjoyable celebration.
As an expert wedding and event planner, I specialize in delivering safety and great experiences to my clients.

We are approaching several important holidays; in regular times, we celebrate them with hugs, laughs, food, and lots of love. We can still celebrate, but we need to be organized and follow protocol to make sure we enjoy the holidays with no or a minimal chance of exposure.

Here are some tips that you can apply to your plan for the holidays.

  • If you can, try to have the celebrations outdoors
  • If outdoors is not possible, get a high-quality air purifier with a HEPA Type filter to clean the air indoors
  • Please, open your windows to keep air circulating
  • Send your guests a goodie bag with two pairs of gloves
  • Two face masks, a
  • Small spray bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A mini box of tissue paper
  • A card to thank and welcome them to the celebrations
  • A note indicating what to do with the items in the goodie bag

Get your house ready for your guests to have a fantastic experience during the event.
Remember that these celebrations will be different from those before 2020. Get equipped with everything you need to keep everybody safe, such as your antivirus disinfectant, hand soap and sanitizer, paper towels instead of regular towels, disposable gloves, facemasks, and tissue paper boxes. Place them strategically throughout the house, especially in the high-traffic areas, such as restrooms.

Celebrations During The Pandemic

Let’s talk about seating arrangements

You may need to increase the number of tables, & linens. Make sure to clean and disinfect all rental items


before using them It is essential to keep in mind how to set up the tables for social distance; I prefer the square or rectangular tables. Suppose you are inclined to use rectangular tables. In that case, you will need to put two tables together side by side, lengthwise, so the guests can keep the appropriate social distance. You can seat four people at the table with this setting if they do not live in the same household or a family of ten or twelve if they share the same house.

Buffet Stations?

Buffet stations are a no-go because your guests will be handling the food themselves. Your best choice is a sit-down dinner. Beverages must have designated servers. I recommend having as many disposable items as possible, so you do not have to deal with the cleaning later if you do not have a caterer. If you can afford to have a knowledgeable caterer to handle this part of the celebration, it will be a blessing for you and your guests.

Now you are ready to celebrate and enjoy your loved one. Please check with your local authorities for the number of guests you can safely invite to enjoy your celebration and have peace of mind.

Happy Holidays!

Author: Bisli Celebrations during the pandemic

Bisli Event Services

Bisli has been a celebration specialist for social and other events for almost three decades. Most importantly, she has worked with customers with substantial budgets that have allowed her to transform her clients’ important occasions.

In addition, she is the author of the upcoming book Never the Mother of the Bride, an educator for the live-event industry, the owner of Bisli Luxurious Events, a proud mother of Pablo and Ramon, and the wife of Pablo. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, and has traveled the world, sharing her knowledge and helping others have unforgettable celebrations.

Bisli Event Services Floral

Floral Wedding Services

Floral Wedding Services

Floral Wedding Services


Floral Wedding Services by Bisli. I believe that through flowers, I will be able to express feelings that are sometimes difficult to put into words. My goal is to use all my nature’s living gifts to brighten people’s lives.

Bisli Event Services Floral
Bisli Event Services Floral






Her expertise in floral design has won her awards and the accolades of her peers. As the owner and creative designer of San Antonio, Texas-based event planning and event design company, Bisli Event Services, In addition, Bisli draws on her background in fashion, theater, marketing, and management as well as an unerring talent for creating distinctive and exquisitely beautiful floral designs. Certainly,  to make special events and once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as social events, corporate events, destination weddings, and honeymoons truly memorable.

Bisli Event Services Floral
Bisli Event Services Floral










Her event design talents have been the subject of television shows around the world for conferences, seminars, and other events at which she brings her wealth of design expertise to her audience. Bisli drew some four hundred attendees and received high praise from the international event industry during her Amazing Centerpieces presentation in Las Vegas Mirage Hotel Theater, and at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas. Today, her talents are sought-after not only for top-tier weddings but for any event in which a smooth flow and a perfect design are of paramount importance, including high profile conferences and seminars.

From Mayesh Blog

by Sabrina

When it comes to bling and WOW Bisli Vazquez knows what brides want. Bisli and her team presented the attendees with some great or as she would say “Amazing” bouquet ideas at this year’s Catersource Event Solutions and Idea Factory show in Las Vegas. It is hard to outshine the lights outside, but Bisli managed to do just that.

I don’t know what I loved more. Her cute Texas glam boots or the fact that she shows just how a bride should strut with this unique Phalaenopsis bouquet. It is a fresh take on a cascade. She used a plexiglass tube (which she blinged out of course) to hold the oasis and the orchids. Easy technique-wise but what a statement.

This purse was finished on stage by a fellow attendee. They are freeze-dried rose petals glued to a clutch. I thought this would be such a cute keepsake for bridesmaids.

Does this bouquet remind you of anyone? If you said Marie Antoinette you would be 100% right! Inspired by the young royal hair of the iconic Marie Antoinette this bouquet is made up of light pink Rice-flower, Sweet Peas, Sweet Akito Roses, and Pink Anthurium. This is a bouquet that can go right from the aisle to a table.

For that bride where the white dress is just not enough of an attention grabber, Bisli designed a long multi-strand bouquet featuring beads and wire as well as bright orange Cymbidiums.

Bisli Event Services Floral

Bisli gave some great advice for all you wedding designers and consultants.

  1. Selling is all about the details. Small things make the big picture.
  2. Build a report with your client. It may not always be possible to love your client but your client should love you.
  3. Always listen 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the time. You never want to miss a small detail that could be THE detail that makes the wedding.

Thank you, Bisli for a great session and “Werk it, Gurl!”

(I just love the way she makes flowers seem sassy)

bisli events

How been yourself help you succeed

How been yourself help you succeed

How been yourself helps you succeed. In my over twenty years in business, I’ve met so many great professionals that inspire me to be better every day by “How been yourself help you succeed “. It is great to be inspired and work in creating that special and powerful brand that will make you a great inspiration to others. Creating a brand doesn’t mean copying a successful or well-known person, but rather that will be the wrong way to do it because instead of been yourself and selling your brand, you will be selling somebody else. Remember, you want to be a leader among your peers, not a follower.

I remember specifically this business owner from overseas in which all she did online was talking about a very well-known designer and every time I saw her posts all I could think was about the other designer. I was confused as to why she was doing something like that until one day I read a post that made me change the way I look at her. She started gaining experience and learned how to wear her brand so people think of her brand, not somebody else’s. by: BISLI

Be successful being yourself
Bisli’s Weddings

Be successful being yourself
Bisli’s Weddings







 10 Steps to Be a Leader Among Your Peers & Be successful being yourself

1- Be successful in being yourself! There is nothing better in life than being recognized for who you truly are.

2- Create your own brand and stick to it. Changing your brand just because somebody is doing something similar can ruin it all, so just own it!

3- Stop trying to be somebody you are not. It’s good to be inspired, but imitating or copying is not the answer.

4- Never lie about how many years you have been in business to get credibility. The moment will come that everybody will discover the truth and it will be damaging.

5- Get away from Pinterest if you want to create your signature look. See step number three.

6- Be creative! There’s nothing better than coming up with something different and unique.

7- Educate yourself before you become an educator. There is nothing worse than reading a book and thinking you can teach what takes years to master.

8- Build a great reputation because it will open so many doors and increase the credibility of your brand.

9- Pursue your own dreams. It is hard sometimes but when you reach it the satisfaction is indescribable

10- Leave your mark by helping others, sharing your knowledge, starting a trend, inventing a best seller item, writing a book, or do something positive that can’t be forgotten.

11- Gain respect by knowing when to say no because there are occasions that saying no increases your profit and respect

12- Be humble! Be your best, but don’t let it go to your head.

Bisli San Antonio Wedding Designer
Bisli Wedding Planner









How been yourself help you succeed
How been yourself help you succeed







Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners

Listening & selling an experience

by: Bisli for planners & brides

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

In order to sell the Wedding Planner Experience, wedding planners must listen first before you deliver it.

I can’t sell anything! If my client has not told me their vision or some key details of what they expect to have the day of their event. Listening is an art and a very powerful tool to sell the experience. I know what we are capable of doing, but how can I tell my client what they need if I don’t even know what their budget is or what they have dreamed all their life to have? This is their moment to shine and for you to get all that information in their brain that they have accumulated for so long. Let’s continue with The Wedding Planner Experience.


Listening helps you to start the conversation of what is possible for their event and as professionals. We should not interrupt our clients while they are concentrated on painting the picture of their vision. They will get confused and end up getting what they never planned or wanted to get, which makes for a very unhappy customer.

After we listen that 80% of usual listening, then we have 20% to talk.

Wedding planners must show the prospective client that we respect their time.  And that we were paying attention while they were communicating their ideas. At this moment, we should also be taking notes on the most important remarks they make and when it is our turn to speak, we will review all the notes with them to make sure we all are on the same dream-page. Your prospective customer will be so appreciative of you paying attention to them because it shows respect. You used their time in a positive and productive way. Also, doing so will showcase your professionalism and it is also a great opportunity to talk about a realistic budget. Then you can start working with in order to carry on to the next meeting. Let’s continue with The Wedding Planner Experience.

Wedding Planners

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner’s first consultation is not always to close the sale because it takes time and effort to put an amazing experience together. Therefore the second consultation is not a dream anymore because you already know what they want and what budget to work with. This will be the opportunity to close the sale because you already opened it and at this stage of the consultation the client is enthusiastic and looking forward to hearing what you have worked on and why you are the perfect company for their budget.


If for any reason they want more than their budget and it does not match their expectation and they insist on wanting everything for a minimum, you cannot concede because it will damage your business and brand. Be sincere and tell them in good terms that you will be happy to work with their budget and explain to them why their exaggerations are not doable. By doing this you will gain their trust because you did not promise something that you will not be able to deliver 100% within an unrealistic budget.

I have talked to some business owners and I am horrified by what some of them have said. They will do anything to be busy and others have said money is their priority, brand or not, which harms their profit in the long run. Some get trapped by clients promising that they will get referrals from this event because their event is going to have so many people that are going to have events and they will see your work and will hire you, among other empty promises.

Don’t believe in such fantasies and instead be realistic.

If you help one customer then the word will spread throughout their friends and/or community and everybody will come for that discount. Remember that wedding planners are just not selling services or products, they are selling themselves, their brand, and amazing experiences.

You must also be mindful of different cultural experiences. Wherein negotiation is a crucial part of business dealings within different societies. Without being insensitive to their concerns, do not give in to professional negotiators.  Those are sometimes brought in from within different cultural communities to discuss business on the customer’s behalf. Assure them that it is better to discuss these matters. Without any interference in order to achieve their dreams and dismiss any negotiators with civility and courtesy. This way, you do not cause any offense to your client. And assure them that you are truly a professional and will not cheat them out of their perfect day. Let’s continue with The Wedding Planner Experience.

Wedding Planner Experience

I believe that when we are selling our services or products, we view it as very easy.  The thing to do and we do not care about delivering an experience that they will always remember as the best day of their life. I believe that anybody can put flowers, decor, and other things together for an event. But when the guests arrive they will make it very clear how tacky and/or unenjoyable the experience actually is. It all becomes just a collection of stuff and not an experience delivered by qualified professionals (Wedding Planner). They really care about their brand and reputation.

Wedding Planners

No two events are the same and the same thinking goes for the budgets.

Therefore, the price will change when we customize what they want. I have heard people say that they want to get married on weekdays because the price is less. I never understood why. If they are having the same labor, same service same product, then they will have the same experience according to their budget. Remember, we get wherever their budget takes us. For example, if your clients have a birthday party. And they want the same experience as a $100,000 wedding then they must pay the same price. But if you will not charge, and provide that level of quality because you did not hear the word wedding. You are insulting them and yourself by giving them not only needless discounts but definitely a discounted experience.

If a wedding client wants one hundred orchids and the birthday client wants one hundred balloons. Then the price should be the difference. The only thing that will increase the price is if they will want to be delivered and setup tore down. In that case, then you must charge for this service separately.




Bisli Luxurious Planning and Design
Bisli Wedding Planner









The Wedding Planner Experience by Bisli.

Wedding Budget Tips

Wedding Budget Tips

Wedding Decorations


What Comes Before the Dress, and the Call-A-Thon!

By: Bisli Vazquez, Luxurious Event Planning and Design

Congratulations on your engagement!

Wedding Budget Tips
Wedding Budget Tips

Now is the time to call all of your girlfriends to go and try on wedding dresses until you drop! Wedding Budget Tips! Well, wait actually, not too fast. The first thing you will need to do is to take your time and work on the actual wedding budget. This includes everything you will want for your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, wedding dress, and honeymoon. If you don’t have any idea where to start as a majority of couples don’t, it will be smart to call a qualified wedding planner. Either one of them will help you to put together a realistic wedding budget.

Wedding planners are not designers, caterers, bartenders, or anything else as such. They are definitely the only ones that are qualified to help you save time while getting all of this information for you from the right professionals.

The first consultation with the wedding planner or consultant is to gather the information needed. At the same time to give you an accurate wedding budget and at this moment you can also request a professional vendor list. This list should have at least three referrals for each vendor category and it will definitely help you to plan this part of your wedding. Some consultants or planners may have a list of their preferred vendors and sometimes that limits the couple in regards to choosing what they really want and whoever they are comfortable working with. These professionals vendors must be legit with a business license or permit, liability insurance, knowledge of their services, and great customer service amongst other things.

Once the planner or consultant has all of the details of the budget ready, they will need to meet once again to give you a detailed wedding budget spreadsheet.

This service has a cost that will start from $150 and up per hour depending on the amount of time needed, due to the knowledge combined with years of experience that sets them apart from the amateurs or novices. The fee is well worth it because it will give you the knowledge of how to communicate when meeting with these professionals. Also, eliminate the embarrassment of the ignorance of prices at the time of talking costs.

To reiterate, wedding planners or consultants are not the ones that deliver all the services needed for a successful event.  Eventually, they are for sure the bridge that takes you from point A to point B in this regard. They will put all of the team together and, with them, the magic happens. You must also be aware that some professionals don’t have a set price for their services.  The floral designers, event designers, caterers, cake artists, stationery providers, bartenders, and others because this industry is constantly changing. Also the price. You can choose the ones that save you a good amount of money and still don’t deliver to your expectations. Why sacrifice on bringing your vision to reality? Whatever you choose, remember that real champagne will always taste better than the knock-off.  The same is true about every aspect of your special day.

Wedding Budget Tips
Wedding Budget Tips


Now you’re ready to call your girlfriends and have fun choosing the right wedding dress! You know that one that will speak to you and you feel comfortable in it, knowing you’ll look like the treasure you are. If you don’t have the time to do the planning, budget, and vendors list, then it will be a very smart decision to hire a planner.  That will take care of the full planning, partial planning, or only the month of, saving you all of that unnecessary hassle.

If you have any questions about where to find a qualified wedding planner or bridal consultant, please contact Bisli.